About Us

Representing the powerhouse of women and minority entrepreneurship, The Lavish Goat proudly stands among the elite 2% of women-owned manufacturers in the US. We aren't just a premium brand; we are private label artisans, creating a symphony of eco-luxe bath and body products that redefine sustainable luxury. 

Our ambition doesn't stop at crafting products - we're catalysts for change, passionately empowering women to shape their own future in the beauty industry. With The Lavish Goat, it's more than just a brand - it's a movement, a revolution, an experience that captivates and inspires.


A word from our Founder

Candice Wheat - Master Bath Artisan  

In the year 2018, I embarked on a remarkable journey, born out of a need to offer my family healthier alternatives to commercially available products. Armed with a passion for natural ingredients and a fascination with the art of soap making, I set up a humble workshop in my kitchen, crafting exquisitely natural soaps, invigorating bath bombs, and refreshing shower steamers.

This journey swiftly transcended from a personal quest into an empowering crusade to help women unlock their potential and find their artistic voice. Thus, my passion project evolved into a platform for creativity, skill-sharing, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Years of relentless dedication, coupled with a commitment to excellence, led to the inception of The Lavish Goat – a beacon of empowerment, inspiration, and luxury. Our brand is not just about the artistry of natural bath and body products; it's about building a community of strong, resilient women, each with a unique story to tell and a dream to achieve.

Our path has been lined with challenges but guided by our 'Nindo' - our 'ninja way' - a philosophy of unwavering resilience, inspired by the indomitable spirit of Naruto, my all-time favorite anime. Today, I exclaim with pride and joy, 'Mission accomplished!'

The Lavish Goat is more than a brand; it's a testament to what women can achieve with determination, hard work, and a network of support. It's an embodiment of dreams transformed into a tangible, rewarding reality.

I extend a hearty invitation to all aspiring women entrepreneurs ready to embark on their journey in the bath and body industry. At The Lavish Goat, we are committed to empowering you, equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to launch your brand successfully. Remember, your path may be steep, and the challenges many, but with tenacity and our support, your dreams can flourish into a beautiful, rewarding reality. Let's redefine success, one artisanal bath and body brand at a time.