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A Little Bit of Everything
Don’t know which one to choose? This is the perfect combo for you!
Awaken Soap
Awaken your senses to the scent of eucalyptus and peppermint
Breathe - Extra Strength (Prev called Sinus Relief)
Open your airways to the scent of peppermint
Breathe and Sleepy Time
Peppermint for the mornings and lavender for evenings
Calm Me and Wake Me Up
Breath deep the citrusy indulgence.
Calm Me Baby
Calming tangerine brings deep relaxation
Set the mood for an out of this world soak
Coconut Bay
Transport your self to paradise with coconut, lime, and verbena
Calm your senses with lemongrass and blackcurrent.
Desire Soap
Treat your self to the sexy scent of berries, melons, and florals.
Listen to her call with the scent of citrus and ocean.
Grapefruit and Spa Day
Immerse your self in the ultimate shower experience
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