Indulge in the ultimate foamy bath experience with The Lavish Goat Bath Bombs! With skin loving avocado oils and goat milk, our bath bombs will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. With beautiful colors and foamy bubbles, you will not be disappointed with our line of bath bombs.

The Lavish Goat is a women owned business that specializes in “bath art”. Not only do our bath bombs leave your skin smooth and soft but the bath art these foamy bath bombs offer is stunning! Your bath water will turn a gorgeous color without the oily messy residue other bath bombs leave. Always be sure to use our bath bombs in a clean tub.

Did you know we use goat milk in each of our bath bombs? Goat milk not only offers a skin softening touch to your bath water, but they help increase that foamy goodness everyone loves about our bath bombs! Our natural bath bombs are Sulfate, Paraben, and Phthalate Free!

How to Use a Bath Bomb:

  1. Fill a clean tub with warm water
  2. Drop a bath bomb into the tub
  3. Enter the tub
  4. Sit back and relax while enjoying the bath art our foamy bath bombs offer.

Take the G.O.A.T of baths with The Lavish Goat bath bombs!! Enjoy a breathtaking display of bath art as our bath bombs slowly dissolve into a foamy colorful work of art. Breathe deep the amazing scents our bath bombs release as you drift off into deep relaxation.

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Starry Skies bath bomb
Bathe in shimmery waters while stars float across.
Honey Bee bath bombs
Hydrate your skin with cocoa butter indulgence.
Satsuma bath bombs
Enjoy a delicious citrusy soak.
LoveBud bath bombs
Soft, femine, floral…. SEXY
Watermelon Lemonade bath bombs
MMMMMMM says it all
Celestial bath bombs
Set the mood for an out of this world soak
Sirens Song Bath Bomb
Listen to her call with the scent of citrus and ocean.
Ghost Bath Bomb - Limited Addition
Ghostly ghouls release a surprise color
Sugar Me Sweet bath bombs
Soak your self into sweetness
Mermaid Charm Surprise Bath Bomb
Bathe in the scents of a tropical vacation.
Listen to her call with the scent of citrus and ocean.
White Bath Donut
Enjoy the scent of strawberries and cream
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