Collection: Bulk/Wholesale

The Lavish Goat proudly offers wholesale opportunities as well bulk options. 

Our bulk options are great for those wanting to sell their own brand of shower steamers, soaps, or bath bombs but are unable to meet our white label MOQ. Manufactured in the USA bulk options are an affordable way to launch your own brand of shower steamers, and our lead times are relatively short (2-5 days) when in stock. Bulk shower steamers are NOT individually wrapped and will be packaged in a zip bag(s).

Why Choose our Bulk Shower Steamers:

The Lavish Goat produces the most powerful and long-lasting shower steamers on the market. Using essential oils and menthol, our shower steamers are unlike anything out there. Our high compression technology produces solid, slow-dissolving shower steamers that your customers will buy time and time again! After you have successfully launched your own brand with our bulk shower steamers and are ready to place larger orders, check out our White Label/Contract Manufacturing page. We offer significant discounts
on White Label products.