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Take your shower to the next level with The Lavish Goat Shower Steamers! Our aromatherapy shower steamers elevate your shower experience in a big way. As the tablet dissolves it releases essential oils and menthol into the air which then infuses with shower steam. Breathe deep and enjoy! Manufactured in the USA our shower steamers are one of the best out there.

Three reasons The Lavish Goat Shower Steamers are the best you
will find.

We infuse menthol into our shower steamers which not only opens your
airways to amazing scents but magnifies the aromatherapy experience.

  • Our recipe has been developed to create a super powerful steamy shower experience with natural essential oils.
  • Custom USA made high compression machines create harder more sturdy tablets that dissolve slowly creating a long-lasting experience.
  • Our shower steamers are made with love in Houston Texas.

The Best Way to Use a Shower Steamer

  •  Get your shower nice and steamy. The more steam the better the experience.
  • Place the aromatherapy shower steamer on a ledge or floor out of the direct stream of water.
  • Splash water on the shower steamer to activate and then continue to splash water on the tablet throughout your shower so it continues to release burst of aromas into the air.
  • Breathe deep and enjoy!

Our aromatherapy shower steamers release soothing menthol vapors and pure essential oils as it dissolves in the shower. No bath tub no problem as shower steamers are made for the shower!