The Lavish Goat Launches New Online Soap Shop

The Lavish Goat Launches New Online Soap Shop

The Lavish Goat - Specializing in Handmade Luxury Goats Milk Soap and Skin Products Launches Online Virtual Shopping Experience!

The Lavish Goat was founded in 2017, when a working mother embarked upon a journey to take back her health and repair the damage of countless years spent neglecting her skin.  After trying a homemade soap that she found at a cute little country store while traveling through the small town of Bandera, Texas, Candice became fascinated with researching natural soap options.  Since she was a little girl she had always had a passion for nature and dreamed of owning a farm one day. 

"I grow my own organic vegetables, have hens for eggs, and dream to one day have a farm of my own."

After experimenting with a variety of soap alternative products and popular brands, Candice took her new obsession into action and decided to start experimenting with making her own soaps by hand.  The key ingredient initially was goat's milk -

"I tried hundreds of luxury soaps and popular products like Lush, but nothing made my skin softer and silkier than soap made with goat's milk." 

After spending a few year years researching, testing and perfecting her soap making hobby, Candice knew she'd created something special and wanted to share her work to help enrich the health and well-being of others.

"I started gifting my soaps and bath balms to family and friends and everyone was amazed at how amazing their skin felt.  They would ask me - "How do I order a monthly supply?"

The Lavish Goat first was offered to the public at specialty Farmers Market events in the Houston suburban areas.  Candice sold samples of her soaps, bath balms, facial serums and steam bars.

"After each event I would get bombarded with calls and messages through social media.  People went home with their soaps and immediately reached out wanting to know how they can buy more."

After much preparation and determination, The Lavish Goat is now open for business online in launching our new virtual shop!  We invite you to subscribe and take this journey with us to learn about soap products, ingredients that combat ailments and stay connected with exciting new products as made available!

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