The Lavish Goat, a Women and Minority Owned Manufacturing Company

The Lavish Goat, a Women and Minority Owned Manufacturing Company

Did you know women owned manufacturing companies make up just a small % of all manufacturing companies in the USA? As a women and minority owned USA based manufacturing company who specializes in producing shower steamers as well as other bath/body/personal care products, The Lavish Goat is proud to represent both Women and Hispanics in this fast-growing industry.  Not only are we women and minority owned but we are also predominantly women operated.  From manufacturing to warehouse/fulfillment women make up most of our team. 

As the leasing brand and USA based manufacturer of shower steamers and other products The Lavish Goat can produce thousands of shower steamers a day.  We practice Kaizen and continue to grow and improve our manufacturing standards. 

The manufacturing industry is not an easy business to be in and the competition is fierce however, as a women and minority owned manufacturing company based in the USA, we are filled with great pride to offer amazing products that are high quality and made with love.  We specialize in producing what we call Bath Art. From shower steamers to soaps, and bath bombs everything we make is created with passion and uniquely designed art.  

Here are just a few pieces of art we are excited to share with the world.



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