Shower Steamers. The Perfect Solution to Elevate Your Shower Experience!

Shower Steamers. The Perfect Solution to Elevate Your Shower Experience!

Historically, bath takers have had many of options when it comes to a pampering bathing experience. From bath bombs to bubble bath, bath oils to bath salts, it seems the options are limitless. But, what about the rest of us who simply don’t have time for a bath?   Many of us in a desperate attempt to achieve relaxation in the shower have taken some extreme and expensive measures like hanging eucalyptus from the shower head or dripping some expensive essential oils in the shower. Matter of fact the issue is so great there are tons of DIY tips on how to create a pampering shower experience. However, most of these DIYs are more of a burden to pull off, expensive, and don’t really work well. The good news is those days are over!  Here come Shower Steamers, the perfect solution to elevate your showering experience.

Breathe Shower Steamers

If you have never heard of a shower steamer before, you are in for a real treat! Shower steamers are aromatherapy tablets that dissolve in the shower releasing incredible aromas as they dissolve. The best shower steamers are those infused with both pure menthol and essential oils. Why you ask? The answer is simple. Think soothing menthol vapors and delicious essential oils scents infused with powerful, heat induced steam from your shower. Menthol will not only magnify the aromatherapy experience, but you will breathe deeper, truly taking in the yummy scents for what can only be described as the most luxurious spa-like experience in your shower.

When searching for a high-quality shower steamer you will want to avoid certain ingredients like starches and salts. The reason is that these types of fillers can create an unpleasant chalk like smell in the shower and leave a sticky residue behind.  Most fillers are used as a cheap way to slow down the fizzy reaction so the tablets last longer in the shower. High-quality premium shower steamers, however, will not contain any of these fillers and will still deliver a stronger, long-lasting tablet.  Fragrance oils can also be added to a shower steamer to create the most unique scents you can’t find with essential oils alone. Just make sure the fragrances are Phthalate-Free.

How to use a shower steamer:

  • Turn your shower on and allow it to get nice and steamy
  • Place the shower steamer on the floor off to the side or on a ledge out of the direct stream of water (do not place in direct stream or the tablet will dissolve too fast and may be too intense).
  • Splash water on the tablet to activate and continue to splash water on the tablet allowing it to slowly dissolve.
  • Breathe deep and enjoy!


As a final note, shower steamers can make incredible gifts and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. With many scents available like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, and more the options are almost limitless! Unlike bath products shower steamers can be gifted to anyone with a shower.  For the best shower steamers made in the USA check out The Lavish Goat Shower Steamers here 

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