Leading the Industry as a Premier USA Shower Steamer Manufacturer

Leading the Industry as a Premier USA Shower Steamer Manufacturer

Leading the Industry as a Premier USA Shower Steamer Manufacturer

The transformation of the shower experience has been substantial in recent years. One might even say revolutionary. Leading this evolution, shower steamers have emerged as quintessential luxury. At the forefront of this change is The Lavish Goat, the USA’s most trusted Shower Steamer Manufacturer.

The Magic Behind Shower Steamers

Unlike the fleeting experience of some bath accessories, shower steamers are crafted to elevate every moment you spend in the shower. Stemming from the concept of bath bombs, these gems are tailored specifically for showers. When they encounter the warm moisture of a shower, they burst forth with aromatic splendors. The end product? A spa-like experience right in the comfort of your home.

Unrivaled Production Quality and Scale

The Lavish Goat's distinction lies in our unparalleled commitment to quality. While our monthly production hovers around an impressive 1,000,000 units, we are soon transitioning to a larger facility. This strategic move will quintuple our production capabilities.

What sets us apart, even more, is our proprietary micro-batching methodology. Even on a massive scale, this ensures that every batch retains the quality hallmark of our brand. This attention to detail has cemented our reputation as the go-to Private Label Shower Steamers provider.

Speaking of private labeling, our terms are impressively accommodating. With a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) set at just 10,000 units for private label, we cater to businesses of all scales. And for those not prepared for such volumes, we offer bulk purchase starting at a mere 140 units. This approach has made us a beloved partner for brands looking to expand their product lineup with high-quality shower steamers.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs and Celebrating Diversity

The Lavish Goat is more than just a manufacturer. At our core, we are a brand that believes in empowerment, inclusivity, and fostering growth. Proudly Women and Minority-owned, we represent the unique 2% of manufacturing entities in the USA that wear these badges of honor.

Our support extends to budding female entrepreneurs. We provide comprehensive assistance, be it in the form of packaging guidance, custom scent formulations, or insights on introducing products to prominent retailers. The Lavish Goat stands as a beacon of empowerment and collaboration.

Our association with BossCHICS International further cements our commitment to this cause. Our founder, Candice Wheat, not only actively supports women entrepreneurs but also holds a distinguished position on the Advisory Board of BossCHICS International. This institution is a guiding light, propelling women of color towards their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Environmentally-Conscious Luxury

Being an industry leader doesn't mean sidelining our environmental responsibilities. At The Lavish Goat, we produce eco-lux bath and body products, ensuring that as you indulge in luxury, the planet doesn’t pay the price.

An Ethos Rooted in Love and Self-Care

Our philosophy is profound yet simple: Love yourself to love others better. This ethos reverberates in every product we craft. By prioritizing self-care and self-love, we believe that we are better equipped to spread love, kindness, and positivity in the world.

In Conclusion

The demand for luxurious and quality shower experiences is only going to rise. With shower steamers now taking center stage, brands are in a prime position to enrich their offerings. Partnering with a trusted USA Shower Steamer Manufacturer like The Lavish Goat ensures that you’re aligning with the best.

Crafted with passion, quality, and a deep-rooted commitment to empowerment and sustainability, our products promise not just a transcendent experience but a venture into a world where business, ethics, and luxury converge seamlessly.

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