Experience the Magic of GlamourDim: The Ultimate Self Tan Removing Bath Bomb

Experience the Magic of GlamourDim: The Ultimate Self Tan Removing Bath Bomb

Tanning has always been a favorite beauty ritual for many, offering that sun-kissed glow even when the sun isn’t shining. However, the process of removing it, whether to correct a streaky tan or simply to start afresh, has often been less than glamorous. Enter GlamourDim by The Lavish Goat, poised to redefine this experience.

Who is The Lavish Goat?

Before we immerse ourselves in the transformative properties of GlamourDim, let's shine a spotlight on its creator. The Lavish Goat is more than just a brand; it's a revolution in luxury bath experiences. Deeply passionate about crafting unique, high-quality bath products, The Lavish Goat beautifully marries the art of bathing with efficacious results.

Introducing GlamourDim: A Revolution in Tan Removal

Exciting news for tan enthusiasts: The Lavish Goat's GlamourDim self-tan erasing bath bomb is officially available for pre-order! Order HERE 

Boasting a patent-pending formula, this bath bomb is not your regular tan remover. It's an experience. Instead of vigorous scrubbing or applying harsh chemicals to the skin, imagine sinking into a soothing bath that effortlessly fades away your tan. That's the magic of GlamourDim.

Why Choose GlamourDim?

  1. Skin-Safe and Gentle: Designed with utmost care, GlamourDim ensures that while it's tough on tan, it's gentle on your skin. Say goodbye to the days of abrasive scrubs or chemical-laden removers. This self-tan erasing bath bomb is all about luxury and care.

  2. Highly Effective: While it's gentle, its efficacy is unparalleled. The carefully curated ingredients ensure that even the most stubborn fake tan is faded, leaving behind even-toned, refreshed skin.

  3. An Enjoyable Experience: Beyond its tan-removing prowess, GlamourDim promises a delightful bath experience. The effervescence of the bath bomb, combined with its calming scent, ensures relaxation as it works its magic on your tan.

  4. Patent-Pending: GlamourDim's unique formulation isn't found anywhere else, which is why it's patent-pending. This isn't just another tan remover; it's a result of rigorous research and innovation.

How to Use GlamourDim

Maximizing the benefits of this fake tan erasing bath bomb is simple:

  1. Prepare Your Bath: Fill your bathtub with warm water. Warm water helps in loosening the tan and priming your skin.
  2. Release the Magic: Gently introduce GlamourDim into your bath. As it fizzes and dances around, it releases its potent tan erasing ingredients.
  3. Relax and Soak: Immerse yourself for a good 15-20 minutes, allowing GlamourDim to work its magic. Then using the provided exfoiling mitt gently exfoilate your skin. No need to scrub hard! Just 10-15 light swipes.
  4. Finish Up: Once done, lightly rinse off with lukewarm water. And there you have it, refreshed, tan-free skin without any hassle!


In the vast universe of beauty products, tan removing solutions have often been overlooked or, worse, treated as an afterthought. But with GlamourDim, tan removal is no longer a chore but an indulgence. The Lavish Goat's self-tan erasing bath bomb is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation, luxury, and effectiveness.

For those who've been on the hunt for a solution that offers an enjoyable experience, efficacy, and skin-loving care, the search ends with GlamourDim. Pre-orders are now live, ensuring you're among the first to experience this revolution in tan removal. Dive into the world of luxury tan removal with The Lavish Goat's GlamourDim, and redefine your tanning journey.

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