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Turn your shower into a luxury aromatherapy spa experience with our shower steamers.  Soothing vapors are activated by your warm shower to give you the ultimate, steamy shower experience. We've loaded our shower steamers with pure menthol crystals to help open your sinuses, while the essential oils provide aromatherapy to sooth or revive. 

Each steamer tablet weighs 2oz. These are wrapped individually. Perfect for gift giving!

Tip: Our steamers last about 15 - 20 minutes when used per the instructions below however, if you dont take long showers feel free to break the steamer in half and get two showers out of it! Or check out our 1 Oz steamer packs! 

Not for the bath!! Shower ONLY!! Adult supervision recommended as these steamers are powerful. 


Sleepy Time (Purple) is scented in lavender essential oil to provide a relaxing experience. Perfect for those nighttime showers.

Calm Me Baby (Orange picture coming soon) is scented in a lovely tangerine essential oil for a calming and relaxing experience. Melt your tension away with this steamer. 

Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat (Yellow) is scented in an invigorating blend of lemon, lavender, and tea tree essential oils. These steamers will revive and energize your senses! Recommend for your morning shower. 

Sinus Relief (Blue picture coming soon) is our extra strength version formulated specifically to clear and open your sinuses. A crisp blend of Peppermint/Eucalyptus essential oils and extra menthol crystals really gets the job done. Bonus... peppermint is also known to alleviate headaches. 

Instructions:  We recommend building up a lot of steam in your shower first. Take the steamer into the shower with you. Then, lightly wet it under the stream of water to get it started. Place the steamer on the far end of the shower floor (behind your) out of the main path of water allowing the steamer to receive trickles of water periodically. Do not place directly in the stream of water or the tablet will dissolve too fast.

Warning: If the steamer tablet is too close to you, your eyes may feel tingly or "minty fresh". To avoid this we recommend placing the steamer further away from you and do NOT hover over it. Use caution when using the steamer for children as the menthol is powerful and may cause their eyes to tingle. 

Please allow 3-5 days processing time. 

Ingredients -  Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Menthol Crystals, Alcohol, Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 80, Water, Mica and Essential Oils. 

Shower Steamer Singles. Click here to see scent options

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