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The Lavish Goat

XL Foaming Bath Bomb Bundle - Bulk

XL Foaming Bath Bomb Bundle - Bulk

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Foaming bath bombs produce bubbles and color the water. Bulk items do not qualify for free shipping. 

Introducing The Lavish Goat's Premium XL Foaming Bath Bomb Bundle - your ticket to offering exceptional bathing experiences. This bundle is designed with business buyers in mind, perfect for entrepreneurs seeking to venture into the premium bath product space, as well as for individuals who desire to stock up on luxurious personal care essentials.

Each X-large bath bomb weighs 5.5 oz. Bulk bath bombs are shrink wrapped in biofilm ready for your labels. MSRP $7.99 

Our jumbo-sized bath bombs each weigh a hefty 5.5 oz, significantly larger than the industry standard. These prodigious spheres of delight don't just fizz, they create a multi-sensory spectacle of bath art. Watch in fascination as they spin, swirl, and foam, transforming your bath water into a painter's palette of vibrant colors and captivating patterns.

Each bath bomb in the bundle is a unique creation, meticulously crafted with premium ingredients and skin-safe colorants. We use sunflower oil, a natural, nourishing ingredient known for its super-moisturizing properties. This ensures a soothing and hydrating soak that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

This special bundle comprises five fabulous fragrances - LoveBud, Sugar Me Sweet, Starry Skies, Watermelon, and Celestial. Each scent is uniquely divine, designed to stimulate your senses and transport you to a world of aromatic ecstasy.

Our bundle options cater to every need - whether you're a casual bather or a die-hard bath bomb aficionado. Choose from four quantities:

  • 25 units (5 of each scent)
  • 50 units (10 of each scent)
  • 100 units (20 of each scent)
  • 200 units (40 of each scent)

Invest in The Lavish Goat's Premium XL Foaming Bath Bomb Bundle and transform your bath time into an unparalleled, indulgent experience. Remember, luxury isn't a privilege, it's a bath bomb away.


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